2017 Genesis G80 Replacing Hyundai Genesis

Hyundai recently made an announcement about its own luxury premium brand, known as Genesis. For a long time, rumors were circulating that the Korean automaker will follow the footsteps of Honda, Nissan and Toyota in order to present a competitor for Infiniti, Acura and Lexus brands. With the statement of Genesis luxury division, these rumors have turned out to be true. The first models that will be included under this luxury division are 2017 Genesis G80 and G90.

With the official confirmation about Genesis brand, Hyundai also announced that it will launch 6 new models under the brand by 2020. As far as naming of these models is concerned, it will be adopting an alphanumeric strategy. The letter ‘G’ will be followed by a 2-digit number, which will designate class of the vehicle. The Genesis G90 will be its first model. It will have an executive saloon which shall act as a replacement for current Equus model. With its luxurious tagline, G90 will be competing with both German and Japanese rivals.

2017 Genesis G80 shall be the next model under this luxury division and it will be targeting a much broader range of customers. However, in contrast to G90, this G80 will not be a whole new model. Instead, it will basically be an update for current second generation Hyundai Genesis sedan.

2017 Genesis G80 Rear

2017 Genesis G80 Specs

Recently, prototypes of 2017 Genesis G80 or updated Genesis sedan was spotted and it revealed certain details about this car. Having said that, the prototype was heavily camouflaged, so detailed information is not available as of now. This camouflage, however, suggests that the company is planning several visual updates. It is quite possible that this vehicle will be borrowing some styling cues from Vision G concept, which was recently revealed by Hyundai.

It is quite obvious that ‘H’ emblem from Hyundai shall be replaced by a ‘G80’ designation. Prototype was also wearing a bumper with an opening below front grille, although an intercooler was clearly visible. This means that availability of a turbocharged engine is very much a possibility. This shouldn’t be a surprise since the arrival of twin turbocharged unit was anticipated for a long time.


There are indications that 2017 Genesis G80 will continue to use the standard V6 engine which was available with current Genesis sedan. This engine is capable of generating 311 HP. However, there are opportunities that a 3.3-liter twin turbocharged V6 unit will soon be offered. This engine comes with variable valve timing and direct fuel injection.

This engine first made its appearance at 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show in GT concept model of Kia. Currently, this engine is capable of generating 390 HP along with 394 lb-ft of torque. This engine will likely appear first in the G90 model.

2017 Genesis G80 Release Date

This vehicle will be introduced anytime next year as 2017 Genesis G80. It will be following the release of G90 model. Pricing details have not been revealed by Hyundai yet.

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