2017 Kia CROSS GT Excellent CUV

2017 Kia CROSS GT is a concept car that packs in all the features of CUV (Crossover Utility Vehicle) and Grand Tourer that is with the luxury it provides speed and performance. Kia Motors produces this particular car; Kia Motors is a world famous South Korean carmaker. They engineered very elegant and impressive vehicles, this crossover come GT is just what the product of Kia’s perfect engineering.

Kia decided to launch its GT edition of cars in 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show where this car baged in all the points and review; it has got every striking feature that an ideal concept car should have.

2017 Kia CROSS GT Design

2017 Kia CROSS GT has a very elegant look, it is just what future CUV (crossover utility vehicle) looks like, this vehicle has a startling appearance with a fierce look. It has got a bit broad Kia’s signature “Tiger- Nose.” The evident and new point about this car is its skylight that is multi-paneled with hexagonal glass inserts.

Its front fascia and rear are a bit facelifted; its body is painted with glossy metallic paint which is astonishing. This vehicle has dual rear-hinged suicide doors, “clam shell” design for its cargo compartment and the very impressive LED headlamps, because of this LED headlamps, CROSS GT got its intense look. The specialty of the headlights used is adaptive LED technology that keeps on changing with the pace of this vehicle.

2017 Kia CROSS GT

2017 Kia CROSS GT has amazing interiors, Kia has just built something very awesome, it has got leather coated almond-terra colored bucket seats with contrasting stitching, equestrian saddle inspired seats that are tanned with natural vegetable oils and no dyes or chemicals used, it also comprised of sweeping instrument panel that has the color of re-harvested American Walnut.

Many eco-friendly wool materials have been used throughout that are 100 percent renewable and at its centre. There is a touch screen with middle mouse control access subsystem that includes telematics, HVAC, navigation, tracking, access internet and entertainment. Ample leg room, storage compartment for cargo has been incorporated beneath the flat load floor and behind the back seats.

2017 Kia CROSS GT Performance

2017 Kia CROSS GT will carry reliable engines so that it can deliver the right Grand Tourer speed; this vehicle is so engineered that it performs magnificent and has got great handling calibre. This car has got powerful V6 engine’s Hybrid six cylinders with petrol capacity of 3.8-liter that produces up to 400 hp and 500 lb.-ft. of torque.

These numbers are enough for this vehicle to take the speed up to 300 mph; this car also runs on a smart battery of that has an electric range of 20 mi. Transmission of Kia’s CROSS GT is amazing eight-speed automatic.

Indeed, a perfect drive can be expected fro this vehicle; this car also has all-wheel-drive with better torque-vectoring and with a broader wheelbase. All these features sum up a total perfect ride from Kia’s CROSS GT.

Release Date and Price

2017 Kia CROSS GT is a concept car with handsome features added so it will be priced about $50,000 and will be available in the market by the end of 2016.

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