2017 Kia Novo New Sporty Sedan

As a concept, the Kia Novo was presented at Seoul Auto Show 2015. Then the company firmly claimed that the Novo Concept will not go into production. The fact is that Kia often displays a concept that does not become serial model. In this way, the public is familiar with the future plans and directions, in which the company develops. However, it turned out that the Novo Kia is a perfect answer to the BMW 3 Series. Given that Kia has no worthy rivals to this European, decided that in May 2017 start production of the new model. Hereinafter future sedan will be marked as a 2017 Kia Novo. For now it is known only code name (CK) under which the model is in phase of development.

2017 Kia Novo, will be the sporty sedan whose near-production version will be presented either in Paris or in LA this year. It’s more likely to happen in Los Angeles. More information has been revealed that the production of some models are transferred from a factory in Rio to another factory in Mexico. Slowly company makes room for a new entry-level model. Kia plans to annually produce about 60,000 copies of the 2017 Novo sporty sedan.

2017 Kia Novo Specs

The differences between the concepts of the model vehicles, which will enter into production are more or less already know. Although the name of the Novo concept, has its roots in the Latin word Novatus, the company will have to offset the amount of renewed and refreshed. The concept had, sporting characteristics completely. The external appearance is dominated front overhangs, longer rear overhangs and fastback roof-line. There are still some elements of the design of this concept that will certainly become part of the Novo 2017 Kia sedan. These are the tiger nose grille, which is wider and more deeply embedded. And low triangular exhausts. If the company plans to this model show something more than just a sports sedan, some of the elements  will be the diamond-cut alloy wheels, finely-sculpted aluminum side mirrors, and rear-hinged doors.

2017 Kia Novo 2

As for the designs, many will agree that it is quite okay to 2017 Kia Novo takes the appearance of Novo concepts. But when it comes to the drive units no one ever really is so indifference. The concept of Seoul was equipped with a turbocharged and direct-injected 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine. This engine was mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. Novo concept has front wheel drive.

After Kia K900 model, 2017 Kia Novo will be the second model of the brand with the drive the rear wheels. K900 is a luxury sedan, and Novo goes in a different direction. Competition within a single brand certainly will not be. New Novo 2017, will offer 2.0, 2.2, and 3.0-liter powertrains.

2017 Kia Novo Release and Price

Data on price and performance, which will dispose of this model still does not. More information is expected of us only because this is  the beginning of the development of another sport sedan on the global market.

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