Genesis G60 Under Genesis Luxury Division

Staying true to the rumors, Genesis has officially made the luxury division of Hyundai. Just like Lexus and Infiniti, Genesis will be different from other models from Hyundai in terms of platforms, different models, styling and unique model name. The models that are all set to be included under this luxury division of Genesis G60, G70, G80 and G90.

When Hyundai made the announcement of Genesis being its luxury division, it also stated that as many as 6 models could be offered by them by year 2020. Recently, there has been a trademark filling, which is an indication that there could be many more models on offer by them.

Models Under Genesis Luxury Division

The current sedan from Hyundai is likely to be the first model under the luxury division, and thereafter, it will live under the G80 badge. Reportedly, it has a refresh scheduled for the upcoming year. On the other hand, the flagship model Equus will be known as G90. The next generation of this model will likely be debuting around the same time as the G80, or the refreshed Genesis sedan.

Apart from G80 and G90, other mysterious models like Genesis G60 and G70 are also under development. It is possible that one of them could finally be a rival to the BMW 3 Series. Chances of Hyundai offering a G60 sports coupe are also high. This coupe is supposed to be inspire by vision G concept, along with other 2 SUVs.

Genesis G60 Expectation

Furthermore, Genesis G60 will also not be a standalone model. There are reports that Hyundai has filed for trademarks for models like GC60, DV60 and GT60. Models like G65, GC64 and GT64 are likely to follow as well. For other models like G70, G80 and G90, Hyundai will be following a similar nomenclature. So, it is quite evident that Hyundai is planning to introduce a huge selection of new models under its Genesis division.

Genesis G60

Other than the possible sub-models and other such rumors, there has been absolutely no information about the Genesis G60. Hyundai has simply confirmed the rumors of there being a Genesis luxury division. Other than that, it hasn’t revealed any details about its specifications or performance.

Having said that, if it is supposed to compete against the BMW 3 Series, it is quite obvious that the G60 will have to be at par with all the modern requirements. In order to compete with one of the best models, the performance can’t be anything below excellent.

Genesis G60 Release Details

The G90 will be debuting in near future; in January, it could appear at North American International Auto Show. Other models will soon follow after that. There has been no announcement from Hyundai as per the planned investment for getting Genesis G60 and other models under the luxury division off the ground.

Currently, there has been no indication regarding a separate dealership for the Genesis models. So, they will probably be sold through the current Hyundai dealerships. It will first be launching in China, South Korea, Middle East and North America. Later on, Hyundai has plans of expanding to Asia and Europe.

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