Genesis Roader New Project Of Genesis

Genesis Roader is a term which collectively signifies the Genesis brand that was launched by Hyundai. This new brand will manufacture its own cars with a variety of new specs and a lot of new features that fans will be in awe about. The existence of new Genesis brand was rumored for quite a few times but now this brand is officially taking over.

Having successfully launched Genesis G90 N in Detroit, Biermann the head of Hyundai committee has now made their intentions clear. In short they are aiming towards competing with automobile giants like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Volkswagen and Infiniti. He also confirmed that there will be new models in the franchise that fans should look out for in future auto shows.

This trend of having a sub brand was first started by Honda back in 1986 with their renowned Acura series. Following their footsteps, Toyota launched its very own Infiniti brand and Nissan dominated the market with its Lexus series in 1989. New Genesis Roader is going to compete directly with these big bosses in Asia and they are not going to play it safe and wait long.

Vision G Concept

At present only two Genesis automobiles are being manufactured by Hyundai. The Coupe edition is in its final lifecycle while luxury sedan is in its second generation.

Genesis Roader

Back in the summer of 2015, Hyundai first provided an outlook of Genesis brand which will be launching in 2020. There will be a total of six different models designed by this brand. All this cars will be based on Vision G concept. Special attention will be given to this brand to create its own ground.

Engineers have made new Genesis logo which is totally different from Hyundai’s emblem. This brand even gets a separate customer service of its own. Bentley and Lamborghini concepts will be visible in Genesis Design studios. These are entirely different from the ones used by Hyundai coupe and sedans.

Genesis Roader Review

Hyundai had taken a lot of steps in the past to draw attention of the customers. Genesis manufacturers are not behind in carrying forward that trend. They have taken the following steps in drawing attention of the fans: Allowing drop-off services like installing customer manuals on their electronic devices, Having test drive option, Delivering new cars directly at your home, Setting up specialized staffs to lure customers into buying Genesis Roader.

Genesis Roader will use alphanumeric in their naming structures. To attract fans into buying Genesis cars, manufacturers have taken a few attractive procedures one of which is naming their car with alphanumeric. Mercedes, BMW and many automobile giants have used these naming patterns in the past. These naming systems attract a lot of young riders who get carried away by blooming catchphrases.

Genesis Roader Release

First Genesis Roader will be launched first in four markets which are USA, Middle East, Korea and China. After satisfying the customers and attracting fans worldwide there will be more demand for this brand and Genesis brand will launch their next models in Europe and Asia.

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