Genesis SUV Taking Over the Automobile Industry by Storm

So finally, it has been announced by Hyundai that they are going to split and would start its own brand. This new luxury brand is called Genesis and will build new SUV that will hit the market in 2020. This initiation has been framed as the initial steps of competing with some of the world’s best SUV brands. SUV fans all across the world would be waiting eagerly for this new Genesis SUV to roll in the market.

But Hyundai is not the only automakers in this industry who have taken this step. Honda was the first brand to start these sub-brands with their Acura models back in 1986. This trend was followed by Toyota with their Lexus models in 1989 and Nissan with their brand new Infiniti series. According to expectations, this new brand will be competing directly with these brands which are considered the finest luxury brands in Asia for quite a long time.

About Genesis Brand

Hyundai manufactures two Genesis models which are coupe and luxury sedan. Sporty coupe models are now at their final stage of lifecycle. But the new luxury sedans are just in its second year of lifecycle and will definitely stay in this market for a few more years.

First indications of new Genesis models were provided by Hyundai back in mid-2015 when the company designed a new brand of Vision G Concept. This new model looked like a hybrid version of both sedan and coupe vehicles. This new vehicle will be given significant autonomy by its manufacturers so that it creates its own solid ground. To so do, Hyundai has taken following steps:

They have created a new emblem for this new Vision G model just like a sedan and coupe models. This car will have separate customer services.

Design studio will be unique and entirely different from the rest of the models and will be inspired by Bentley and Lamborghini concept artist Luc Donckerwolke.

Genesis SUV

Genesis SUV Review

The masterminds of Hyundai Genesis SUV brand have had much successful campaign in the past that had helped in letting people have a clear idea about what brand of cars they are choosing and what specs can they expect. With this new Genesis brand they have taken the following steps:

Specialized Staffs have been put into work in showrooms to introduce customers to the new Genesis brand. The cars have also been given a special area in the showroom that will definitely grab any SUV buyer’s eye.

They have promised many drop-off services and have decided in proving home pickups for this new model just like they had done in the past with their Equus Sedan.

They have even taken the steps to include user manuals for the owners on their iPads.

Use of Fantastic catchphrases and alphanumeric

Since Hyundai is aiming towards competing directly with automating giants like BMW, Infiniti and Cadillac, the manufacturers have started to use the famous alphanumeric structures in naming Genesis SUV.

First Genesis SUVs will be launched on US market, Middle East, Korea and China. Both Europe and rest of Asia will have sales in the phase two stages of the Genesis brand.

Genesis SUV Price

Price of Genesis SUV has not been decided yet. Still, as it is going to have some distinctive features, expected price will be high certainly. More over, no official announcement about the predicted time of launch is notified yet.

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